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Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns with Expert Tips

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your audience more effectively. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking improve your current strategy, these tips can help kickstart your email marketing efforts.

Segmentation is Key

The first tip is to create segmented emails. This is a vital step when looking to tailor your emails to your subscribers’ interests and making them feel personalised. By dividing your email list into smaller segmented groups based on factors such as demographics, purchase history and engagement levels, you’re able to create more relevant content for your recipients which could in turn, help boost open rates and conversions. 

Engaging Subject Lines

When seeing an email, the first impression is based on the subject line. The subject line is ultimately what decides whether we’ll open the email, so we need to make it count. Choosing a strategic subject line is important, and they may need to be tailored depending on the audience. Experiment with different tones, lengths, and phrasing to see what works best with your audience. Check out this blog by Hubspot which explains in detail how to write better subject lines. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/improve-your-email-subject-line.

Value-Driven Content

Whenever your subscribers receive and open an email, they are hoping for it to provide something valuable to them. This could be exclusive offers, educational content or something helpful that matches their interest. When planning out your email campaigns, ensure that you include value-based content alongside promotional material to help build trust and loyalty with your audience.

Mobile Friendly Design

Optimising your campaigns for mobile is vital for any email marketing strategy. The best way to tackle this is by using a software with responsive design, such as MailChimp or Sendgrid that will automatically re-structure your email for best viewing on a smaller screen. If you’re using a more basic platform, ensure that you test the email on a mobile device before sending it out to your subscribers to avoid any mobile-mishaps.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your CTA is your gateway to conversion, so make it clear and compelling! Make sure your buttons are visually distinct to guide readers towards your desired action, whether itโ€™s making a purchase, signing up, or downloading. After each campaign, make a note of your click-through rate, especially if you make changes to your CTA style, so that you can track what works with your mailing list.

A/B Testing

Test what works best! A/B testing allows you to experiment with your emails. Whether this is the subject line, CTAs, or visuals. Make sure to analyse the results to make a decision on your final approach to continuously improve your campaigns.


Other than using the recipient’s name, you should consider dynamic content that adapts based on user behaviour. Try recommending products based on past purchases or suggest content that fit their preferences. Personalisation can show that you value each individual customer, and can help build a loyal subscriber base who will consistently open your emails.

Tracking Engagement

Itโ€™s really important to track your engagement on your emails. What links are they clicking the most? What content gets the most engagement? Which content drives more sales? Use tools like Google’s Campaign URL Builder to set up trackable links that you can use within your campaigns. Any data you can pull can help you tailor future campaigns and help you offer more of what your audience wants to see.

Timing is Everything

Making sure you send emails out at the right time is crucial and can increase your open rates. Itโ€™s important to test different sending times to identify when you get the most engagement.


Making a consistent email schedule can help boost your rates massively. Whether this is a weekly newsletter or a monthly update, this consistency can build trust and anticipation among your subscribers. Just make sure when sending emails regularly, the quality remains high so your subscribers look forward to them.

Now that you know these top email marketing tips, you can now work on improving your email campaigns and creating better connections with your audience.

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