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Got a question about a customer refund, or need some help with your Payl8r Portal? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below, or get in touch with our team for some support.

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Selling With Payl8r

Do Payl8r offer instore and online?

Yes, we offer in-store and online buy now pay later for business

When does my business receive payment on sales?

Merchants are paid the next working day for accepted orders. 

What is the difference between unregulated and regulated loans?

Unregulated loans contain no interest and must be under 12 months. These loans are typical in the buy now pay later industry and suit low value purchases. 

Regulated loans either contain interest and/or are over 12 months in term and, as such, retailers and merchants must hold the appropriate Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) permissions. Fortunately, Payl8r is able to provide retailers with authorised FCA permissions through onboarding them as an Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR). 

Does my business meet the minimum criteria?

To become a Payl8r partner you must have 3 months trading history.

How can I offer Payl8r to my customers?

Payl8r is available both online and instore or at clinics.

Business Account

How long does it take to set up an account?

Approval process

Your Payl8r approval will take between 1-2 days providing you submit all requested documents on time.  

System set up 

  • Payl8r by link: 1-2 days 
  • Web integration: If you are using our integration service we aim to have you live within 2-5 working days.
How do I process a refund for a customer?

Should any customer require and be eligible for a refund, whether it be a full or partial one, this can be processed in your Retailer Portal with a simple click of a button.

What does it mean to be an IAR on Payl8r’s FCA License?

An Introducer Appointed Representative (IAR) status allows you to advertise and offer your customers Payl8r’s regulated finance product. Payl8r supports you along the way through expert onboarding and provides IAR toolkits and training to make this a simple and efficient process. 


With Payl8r as your Principal Firm, there is no requirement for your business to apply directly with the FCA for authorisation. Furthermore, Payl8r is accountable for any regulated credit activity that your business carries out.

What support do I get from Payl8r?

We have ongoing support for our merchants, whether it be technical or a general account query. Here are the contact details for our Support teams:

Phone: 0161 425 6363

General support[email protected]

IT Support[email protected]

Our Open Hours are: 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Technical and Integrations

How does the integration work?

We link with a variety of web platforms

At Payl8r we offer different types of integrations to best suit your website. All our retailers receive an integration manual which maps out your journey whether you have chosen WordPress, Magento or a custom integration.


Plugin Installation

Once the plugin is installed on your site customers can select Payl8r on the checkout and follow our easy-to-use application form. As a retailer you will be able to track these orders from your dashboard where you can see a status of accepted, pending or rejected.

What is needed to activate my store for sales and to have my integration approved?

We will send you a unique username and public key when your website has been approved to go live. 

In order to approve a website, we look for the following:

  • Payl8r logo added to the footer of the website. Clicking the logo should take customers to 
  • Our information and demo calculator page should be added and working correctly in both desktop and mobile. 
  • The product page calculator should be clearly visible on each product page. Clicking ‘View More’ should bring up a modal which will show customers roughly what they will pay over their desired repayment period.
  • Payl8r payment gateway on checkout.

Once the above has been added you can email the Payl8r IT Team who will review your website and a member of our team will be back in touch.

Our IT Support Email: [email protected]

How can I test my checkout?

Once Payl8r has been added to your site, you can check that everything is working correctly by attempting to checkout. You will then see a test response which will let you know if our servers are talking to each other.

End-to-end testing will be completed just before you go live. A member of our team will be able to monitor from our back end to ensure everything is running smoothly.

I’m not receiving any orders, why?

You may not receive orders for the following reasons:

  • Your account is in test mode
  • Your account has not yet been approved
  • Customers have not completed the application form

It’s normal for curious customers to complete part of the application form without committing to payment. 

Does Payl8r have an integration guide?

Yes, Payl8r has an integration guide. Our onboarding team will send this via email once your account has been set up.

How do I reset my password?

You will receive login details to our Retailer Portal

If you’ve forgotten your password – Just click ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ and enter the email address linked to your account with Payl8r. You’ll receive instructions on how to reset your password within a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to check your spam mail.

How can I contact someone about support?

Please contact: 

General support: [email protected]

Technical queries: [email protected]

Where do I send customers having trouble making purchases with Payl8r?

If a customer is having any issues with Payl8r please ask them to contact [email protected]

What type of website platforms are accepted?

We can integrate with a huge variety of website platforms. Some of these include: 

  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • SquareSpace
  • BigCommerce

And many more.. 

How do I access transactional information?

You can view your orders by logging onto the retailer portal and selecting the ‘Orders’ tab. 

To view a statement of your account you can go to ‘Statements’ and follow the process to have a file emailed to you.

How do I update my contact details?

If you need to change your contact details, please contact us

Retailer Portal

What is the Payl8r Retailer Portal?

The Retailer Portal is your central hub for all your retailer needs. As well as viewing your accepted orders, this portal is where you will: 

  • Track your sales activity with Payl8r
  • Process refunds
  • Download your monthly statements and more.
How do I know if an order has been accepted?

All successful applications will trigger an automated confirmation email to the address that we have on file.

Payl8r also provides you with your own Retailer Portal where you can track the progress of live and accepted orders.

What else can I see in my Retailer Portal?

When you log on to the retailer portal you will have access to the following:

  • Orders
  • Statements
  • Resource hub 
  • Payment Card
  • Change Password


How can I add a new user in the Retailer Portal?

Only one user is permitted per account.

Can I see the difference between online Payl8r orders and instore orders on the Retailer Portal?

The Retailer Portal will only show online orders made by customers.

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