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How can my business offer in-store finance options?

If you are looking to offer finance in-store to your customers, Payl8r’s Mailer system could be the answer.

In today’s competitive business landscape, offering in-store finance options has become a powerful tool for attracting customers and boosting sales. By providing flexible payment solutions, businesses can make high-value purchases more accessible to customers while increasing their own revenue. Here at Payl8r, we’ve developed our Mailer Portal to enable businesses to offer finance to their customers, wherever they shop.

Let’s look at the benefits of offering split payment options in-store and how best to use the Payl8r Mailer system to maximise sales.

The Benefits of In-Store Finance

Increased Sales – Giving your customers the option to spread the cost of purchases in-store can help high-ticket items become more affordable and lead to the increase of sales and larger order values.

Customer Satisfaction – Split payment options create greater purchasing flexibility and convenience for customers allowing them to budget more effectively and make purchases without having to make payment in full. This can help drive customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Competitive Advantage – Finance options in-store can set your business apart from your competitors who may not be offering flexible finance to their customers. This helps to differentiate your business and can contribute to long-term business growth. 

Utilising the Payl8r Mailer portal

The Payl8r Mailer Portal offers a solution for integrating finance options directly into your store, allowing customers to split payment of their purchases wherever they shop.

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How does the Payl8r Mailer Work?

The merchant generates a personalised finance link with details of the customer’s order via their Payl8r Mailer Portal. This can be done whilst the customer shops in-store.

The customer then receives an email containing an application link to apply for Payl8r finance. The application form itself takes less than five minutes and can be completed across a range of online devices. Additionally, we aim to give instant decisions to applicants, although in some instances, we may need up to 24 hours to assess the customer’s affordability.

Our affordability checks include a soft credit check on all applicants, which will only be visible on their credit file if we accept their application, and in some cases, Open Banking is used to assess their real-time affordability.

Once the customer is accepted, the merchant receives funds for the order within 24 hours and the customer’s payment plan will be activated.

Offering offer in-store finance can be a game-changer for your company; boosting sales, improving customer satisfaction, and setting you apart from competitors. By leveraging the Payl8r Mailer Portal, you can streamline the process of offering finance options and create a seamless experience for your customers. Embrace the advantages of in-store finance and the potential of finance options to drive growth and success for your business.

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